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Custom Retirement Planning

Trumbo Capital Management, LLC protects your wealth with creative, customized solutions specifically designed to meet your goals and aspirations. As you grow closer to retirement age, you want the confidence to know that everything you've worked diligently to attain will be safely available. Our 32 years of investment experience will serve and meet your needs to ensure a comfortable and lasting retirement.


Inspirational Quotes

  • Two roads diverged in a wood and I-- Took the one less traveled And that has made all the difference.

    – Robert Frost, US Poet
  • Leadership is educating people that the status quo is no longer an option-- and empowering them that they can capitalize on the change.  

    – Bo Trumbo, Trumbo Capital Management, LLC

Client Testimonials

  • I've known Bo Trumbo since we were kids. As my parents began to age, Bo Trumbo advised us to protect inheritance and estate taxes by ...

    – Charles S., Orlando FL
  • Often I heard Bo Trumbo on the radio. Finally, I telephoned, set an appointment, and made the best investment decisions of my life. I'm no ...

    – Bill F., Melbourne FL